About me

Instagram: @katy_palmer_


Working across a variety of content marketing channels, my skills lie across social, digital and short-form video media.

Influencers/Collaborators/ People I've worked with - would like to work with in the future...


Otoxo Productions

Creative Mentor Network


Musician- Harry Harris



Director-Paul Wright



Director - Miranda Bowen



Props Designer- Emily Barrett



Producer/Director - Anne Parisio



Producer- Edward Hemming



Children's comedy writer- Ben Ward



Film producer- Jude Goldrei



Director/Editor/Producer/Cameraman- Murat Gokmen



Producer- Kurban Kassam



Freelance filmmaker- Nina Jones



Producer/Director- Rosie Saunders



Director, Animator, Video Editor- Magali Charrier



Animator, Director and Illusrator- Dani Negrin




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