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Job Opportunities in Hackney (BBC)


2012: Turkish Delight (BBC)

Why the film industry needs to pay attention to young people with ADHD (Into Film)

Managing and writing all copy for Barcelona based Coding bootcamp, interviewing students, taking photos, writing all blogs and continually optimising performance:


Writing and taking photos for photo-essay for BCN Metropolitan Magazine



5 family films to watch this festive season that teach as well as entertain (Santa Clara International School BCN)

Communities Have Their Say on Migrant Strategy (Hackney Citizen)


Students On A Deadline Turn To Self Medication (Times Higher Education)


The shadow of 9/11 and undergraduate degrees (Times Higher Education)

Where The Grass Is Greener (Times Higher Education)

Profile: Bangor University (The Independent)

Profile: Liverpool John Moores (The Independent)



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